Friday, December 26, 2008

Little Sci-Fi to make you think.

Mankind and the Great Blue Slugs.
-Brandon Maylone-

In the distant future, us humans find another planet. This planet is lush and green, a paradise. We find only one specie of intelligent life, the Justies. Justies look like tiny, cute, wide eyed humans. The planet is the size of the earth and composed of similar material. It is also home to only a handful of Justies, they live thousands and thousands of years and breed rarely.

We ask the Justies, can we live here in peace with you? The Justies agree whole heartedly. Mankind settles into part of the green, rich soiled, pure aired paradise. Rarely does a Justie appear to man. We start farms, small factories, and clear land for homes. All is good in this paradise.

Suddenly three hundred years after mankind has settled part of this planet giant blue slugs appear out the ground and begin devouring all the plant life they can find. The Justies are no where to be found. Mankind calls a counsel together.

The counsel finds these slugs that are destroying the planet must be a result of mankinds’ actions. Our farming, polluting, and presence has off set the balance, and we caused to giant blue slugs to rise up and start to eat the planet clear of life.

Our top scientists agree on the theory that we must of destroyed their food sources, through clearing and using the land. The counsel takes actions, and we attack every giant blue slug that we can find, killing it. We kill the slugs to prevent this world, paradise, from being destroyed.

In a few weeks all the blue slugs are dead. Justies appear more and more often, as if looking for something. Then one day a Justie appears before the counsel.

"What did you do?" The Justie asks.

"We are sorry we caused the blue slugs to start and attack life on this planet, but we fixed the problem by killing them." Mankind's counsel explains.

"You fools, every five hundred years the great blue slugs appear and eat the planet clear of the plants, leaving behind a clean slate that new seeds and life can take hold and flourish. You have just sentenced this planet to a slow choking death." The Justie said as he disappeared.

Man-kind never saw the Justies again, and as the Justie had said, soon plants over grew each others, they died. Fungus over took the plant corpses, the planet turned into a slime field, smelling of decaying life and the soil turned acidic. Man-kind had to leave the planet as it could no longer support them.

Taking a couple hundred years of data and thinking you know how a planet works that existed millions of years before you were there can cause major damage if you try and "fix" a natural cycle. Think about this before you fight global warming. England was once warm enough to grow grapes all over the country. Greenland was reportedly once green and lush in ancient descriptions, today it has areas of permafrost. This all happened when the planet was warmer, before we started recording temperatures. England can't grow grapes, and the climate in Greenland is too cold to support the crops reportedly grown by native peoples years ago. It must of been warmer at one time, then got colder, and maybe now it is getting warmer again, and we want to fight this natural cycle, all because of a few years of data. Think of the poor Justies.

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