Monday, March 28, 2011

Been awhile since I last wrote. Been up to a lot, a whole lot. In fact you can say there is lots of stuff going on in my life.

Been trying to get things finished lately. As weird as that sounds for me I just feel like I need to wrap a lot of things up.

One of those has been my truck. Racing with time on that beast.

I tore apart pretty much the whole front end. Put new bearings, inner, outer, spindle, ect . . . on the front end. Also put new Mile Marker Lockouts on the front. The 4x4 is mean now, 4 low and it growls like a monster truck.

Speaking of mean, my 15 dollar vacuum that works better than the "old" $300 model is pretty mean.

But mean in terms of my truck means just finishing fixing what needs fixed. And sometimes some other things. Like I added a nice little box speaker set up so you can actually hear the radio. And some other accessories that add to the "curb" appeal.

Next big job is pulling the engine. Going to do the timing chain cover gasket, water pump gaskets, pull and re seat the oil pan gasket, do the rear main, and rear cam bearing. I have a massive oil leak that I'm taking care of in an insane matter, doing all the front/rear gaskets.

After that I need to figure out the exhaust, need to extend it a bit. Find a AOD cable, and tear the carb off and give it a rebuild. I have some wiring and detail work that needs finished up as well, but I guess it is a process.

And if I can't finish something, I'll just have to learn to let it go. No point in getting upset or rushing the job. But alas, I almost forgot.

She isn't camo anymore. I know shocking. But new front end, getting ready for a minor engine overhaul. Just did the electrical, starter, alternator, VR, plugs, cap, rotor, ect. . . . Next block, then fuel system, exhaust, and lots of misc wiring.