Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day adventures.

So this weekend we did a lot of cleaning. Got the house about ½ way done. That means ½ still waits, but we are picking at it. Also we got to do some shooting, and a little work on the Aveo.

Heritage Rough Rider

So we went out and shot our new rifle, and revolver. Legendary shooting trip. The new rifle needs some oil, likes to jamb time to time. So I think a cleaning and oiling of the chamber will fix that. But once it starts firing it is a good little gun. The wife shot the hell out of it, really likes the way it shoots and sits. I too like it, easy to fire, holds about 16 rounds, tube fed.

I shot the hell out of our new little handgun. Heritage Western Rough Rider, cheap and gets mixed reviews. I love it. The sights are fixed and you have to aim slightly to the right to get the sights dead on. But who needs sights? I was shooting from the hip, and I was shooting off weeds at the stalk. Those little revolvers are so on, it isn’t funny.

12ga Slug

The three highlights included my mom’s boyfriend. I took a break action 12 gauge, and fired a slug out, then gave him a slug to fire out. I didn’t tell him how hard the 3” double packed slug was going to kick. He shot it and grabbed his shoulder, hilarious. The second highlight was him telling me to shoot this log with my 12 gauge when he threw it in the air. First toss he threw it straight up above him. I decided not to shoot and looked down to see him getting the hell out of the way. And lastly I was shooting my revolver at dragon flies in my mom’s pond. I was hitting around them, and then boom, got one with a .22 round drove it in the ground. Mom’s boyfriends reaction was priceless “Holys*t you just shot a dragon fly out of the air!”.

Like I said the little gun in on. If I can shot a dragon fly out of the air with a Heritage Rough Rider you know it is on. I had no problems with about 100 rounds or .22 I shot out of it. I went up to the .22 full metal jacket mags, only shot one chamber of them, 5/6 were fine. All shot, but one the shell wedged in the chamber and I had to use pliers to get it out. I put another round and the chamber is a little tight, perhaps there is a bur I need to get with a brush when I clean it. Otherwise we have a year warranty if a good bore cleaning doesn’t fix it I’ll send the mag cylinder back. But 1/106 rounds had a problem, that could of very well just been due to the fact the cylinders hadn’t been broke in.

.22 Mags

Shooting was fun, and then we came home.

Honey, the color of our old oil

The Aveo was due for its 3000 mile oil change. So I changed the oil. Easy to do on the car, everything is right where you can get to it. Only problem I had was the cat was hot, so I used pliers to tighten the filter, which is never a good idea, I scratched up the filter pretty good, but in 3000 miles it is going to be junk anyway. The new oil is 5-30, clearer than honey. The old oil was about the color of honey. Cleanest oil I’ve ever changed. I had to do the rest of the maintenance to keep the warranty intact. Checked the belts, the fluids, air filter, this was a pretty basic maintenance round. The book for the car has a chart right inside, what to check, with a box for date, mechanic’s initials, and notes. So that’s my record log of vehicle maintenance. But took out clean oil, and put in cleaner oil.

Math, Ugh

Then with the extra free time I’ve been doing homework this weekend. Finding odds from probabilities, then converting those into expected values, taking the expected values and apply them to controlled probabilities sets to find some (f/e) thing, which I found out if you just find the second probability or last probability in the control set that’s you answer. No idea how, or why, just it’s always correct. Also writing an essay which a is a plan to develop a longitudinal study to find the changes in sexual behaviors from adolescence to adulthood for psych.

Busy but fun weekend, except for homework.

I have all my papers I’ve written over the past four years saved . . . I think the lowest grade on one has a been a B so far. . . do you think I should post them as “references” on my blog?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So my new I-9 CECT phone sucks. I have battery and charger issues, the screen has died twice and I’ve had to fix it. Be assured I voided the warranty for the good of the cause. Once it was working again it cooked a battery, then due to no fault of the new battery, but fault of the phone, the charger works poor, and the battery discharges fast. I only have charge for about 6 hours and if you let the phone die, it takes two days on the charger before it will even turn back on. Junk. Our cell phone plan renews in about two months and we get free phones then, so I need a back up phone. Rather than keeping a normal phone I decided to rig my own together. It was at this point at a flea market I found a nes controller. Boom nes controller = phone. I’ve seen images of one online, and didn’t figure it could be that hard. I had to find a donor phone. We had an old China Junk Fashion phone, just about the right size to use. The phone had a weak battery, horrible signal, and no one liked it. The tf slot was broke as well. So I took the controller apart, and the phone. I gutted the controller with a dremel tool. Next I had to tear apart the phone. I cut the phone up and trimmed the circuit board and moved some components around. The vibe module didn’t survive. I removed the camera to make the phone fit the case. I had to fine tune trimming out the controller, and it was hit and miss fitting the phone. I removed the screen from the phone and moved it up a bit. I marked out the screen, and marked out the keypad. I cut the phone to fit the keys and screen. I also cut a USB spot in the bottom so the phone can be charged by usb cord or power cord. Once everything fit together and I made a battery holder for the phone I tested it. No signal . . . I forgot the antenna was crap. I used the Tesla coil theory in a sense to boost the antenna, by making a copper coil and attaching to both antenna leads. After that the touch screen failed to work, so I had to micro solider two leads back together. I then pieced the whole together, and it works, not the best reception, but the phone works, charges, and is pretty neat. The TF slot still doesn’t work, but after I made a new mount the battery is working wonderfully. But here is my new back up phone.

And on youtube:

Update; and bought a revolver.

So lots going on, painting a room, making a cell phone, and college has started. Lots of crap on my plate and lots of projects left to do. I have a bench to refinish, the chevette to work on, I have to adjust my rear springs on the nova it is dog tracking a bit, keep up with homework, and live life. Oh yeah and put a gas tank on the Bronco.

So we’ve been painting. Painting a room a light green color, seems ok to me.


The wife ate some kind of spaghetti/pizza sauce that gave her an allergic reaction.
Took three days to get over it, then she ate it again for some unknown reason.

Food Allergy Rash

I’m building my own cell phone, because my new I-9 sucks. That will be a blog in itself. I’m building it inside a Nintendo controller. May end up pretty cool, or suck big time, we will see. My I-9 won’t hold charge for more than 6 hours then takes two days to charge enough to turn back on.

NES controller gutted

I’ve got a new rifle. Redid the stock, it was dull and very rough. I sanded, stained, and varnished it. Good little gun as far as I know, haven’t got to shoot it yet. It is the rifle in the pic, not the shot gun, had that break barrel for a while.

New Rifle, old Shotgun

Also bought a revolver. It is a little heritage, pretty good for under $200. Haven’t shot it yet either, but action is smooth, comes with 2 cylinders, fires any 22s, from shorts to mags. So cheap rounds equal more shooting. I check the sight with my bore sighter, they are fixed but pretty close, aims a little to the left if my bore sighter is correct. Should be fun to shoot, looks very old western and is simple in build.

Heritage Revolver

I'll have to get some target shooting in and post the reviews.