Friday, December 5, 2008

Hey I found a pearl!

Today after I got out of college my wife to be surprised me. She had bought the stuff to make oyster soup. She hates oyster soup, but I love it. So with my over sight she whipped up some soup. I hadn't had these oysters before, usaully it is canned, or smoked oysters, but these were fresh. Maybe five times before in life I had fresh oysters in my oyster soup. So we took a little bacon and fried it up, then I rinsed the oysters and thre them in the bacon grease with the bacon, just to warm them a bit, not fry them. A quarter cup of butter was tossed in a pan, along with some evaporated milk, half a cup of water, and a cup of real milk. That was brought to a simmer and melted all the butter down, then we dumped in the bacon grease, bacon, and oysters and let it simmer for about five minutes. We then had some mighty fine oyster soup. I started eating a bowl, and found the oysters were a sandy. Not bad, but a little grit was in them, I should of rinsed them a little bit better. But over all it was good soup. As I enjoyed my soup I suddenly bit something hard, at first I thought maybe a small rock as the oysters were a bit gritty. But no, not a rock, a small, round, off white pearl. Good news is I didn't break a tooth, but I wonder if I will find more, I still have half a pan left to eat.

So thats pretty random.


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