Monday, March 28, 2011

Been awhile since I last wrote. Been up to a lot, a whole lot. In fact you can say there is lots of stuff going on in my life.

Been trying to get things finished lately. As weird as that sounds for me I just feel like I need to wrap a lot of things up.

One of those has been my truck. Racing with time on that beast.

I tore apart pretty much the whole front end. Put new bearings, inner, outer, spindle, ect . . . on the front end. Also put new Mile Marker Lockouts on the front. The 4x4 is mean now, 4 low and it growls like a monster truck.

Speaking of mean, my 15 dollar vacuum that works better than the "old" $300 model is pretty mean.

But mean in terms of my truck means just finishing fixing what needs fixed. And sometimes some other things. Like I added a nice little box speaker set up so you can actually hear the radio. And some other accessories that add to the "curb" appeal.

Next big job is pulling the engine. Going to do the timing chain cover gasket, water pump gaskets, pull and re seat the oil pan gasket, do the rear main, and rear cam bearing. I have a massive oil leak that I'm taking care of in an insane matter, doing all the front/rear gaskets.

After that I need to figure out the exhaust, need to extend it a bit. Find a AOD cable, and tear the carb off and give it a rebuild. I have some wiring and detail work that needs finished up as well, but I guess it is a process.

And if I can't finish something, I'll just have to learn to let it go. No point in getting upset or rushing the job. But alas, I almost forgot.

She isn't camo anymore. I know shocking. But new front end, getting ready for a minor engine overhaul. Just did the electrical, starter, alternator, VR, plugs, cap, rotor, ect. . . . Next block, then fuel system, exhaust, and lots of misc wiring.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just some views on the NBA.

" "This arguably is the best trio ever to play the game of basketball." - Dwyane Wade.
This trio is going to reek of fail, they have too similar styles, they are definetely not Worthy, Magic, and Kareem or cough cough Drexler, Barkley, Hakeem. Hmmm Shaq, Kobe, Payton, Malone. . . . sorry but Miami better pray for strong role players if they want to live up to this hype. I see too small, too fast, too eager to take a shot that will be beat by stronger rebounding, a slower methodical pace that takes them out of the groove, and veteran clutch shooters, where is Stockton, Kerr, Horry when you need them? "

PS if you haven't heard Lebron has went to the heat.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer is starting

Summer heat is setting in. During high sun the bass are active in the back waters. I've been fishing a few feet deep to surface, but letting the lure run super low when I get toward the bank. This is where I've been hooking the most bass this year. Right off the bank.

I've had good luck with white and light colored lures, usually diving minnows. I run them slow with fast spurts. Helps it look like a dying minnow. I run them pretty close to the surface out away from the bank. But keep them deeper by the bank.

With the summer heat I've had vehicle issues. My Bronco, the beast decided to die on me, the battery kept discharging. The alternator seems to be fine. And the only other clue was the gas gauge. It stopped working off and on. Low and behold the gas tank wires where pinched under the tank lip and over the frame. It had cut the wires, letting them connect and run a current.

I cut the harness and spliced in an extra 6" wires. I ran it over the frame, over the tank. So it is now way out of the way. With my truck there will be more surprises coming I'm sure.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Inner Tie Rod 1986 Ford Bronco

Back to working on one of my babies, my truck. My 1986 Bronco started to get a little swervey on the road. My mom’s boyfriend swore the ball joints were shot. I picked up the lower set, about 10 bucks a piece. After inspection the ball joints were not that bad. They aren’t new, but they aren’t loose. The out wheel bearings have a little play. The u joints at the wheel are shot. Really shot. But I don’t run 4x4 too much so they can wait.

1986 Ford Bronco Camoflauge

The tie rod ends are soft, not wobbly yet, so they have a while. The inner tie rod on the driver side was the issue. I could grab the inner tie rod and shake it about a half inch. So I took the ball joints back and got a inner tie rod, for about the same price. I should have did the tie rod, the sleeve is fine though.
But being on a tight budget I can only do so much at once. So I changed the inner tie rod, which AutoZone calls the draglink, though I’ve never heard the inner tie rod on the driver side called draglink, that is usually the passenger side on the fords, hooks to the pitman arm.

1986 Ford Bronco old inner tie rod

1986 Ford Bronco new inner tie rod

I changed it out, took off the tie rod, then the inner tie rod. The inner tie rod was really in there I was gentle with the hammer to not damage the side. But it came out. I greased everything, took the tie rod and greased it, greased the boot, and greased the new end, even though it was greaseless. I greased the other side tie rod, and inner end on the passenger too. I used marine grease, all purpose. I choose it over regular front in grease, because the front end of the truck sees a lot of water. A lot of water.

1986 Ford  Bronco Tie Rod Diagram

But it didn’t take too long, worse thing was getting those stupid aluminum wheels back on. The outcome? The truck handles much tighter, not as wobbly. It still is a two hander, with the tire treads is has some wander at slower speeds, but not bad.
A tip for this blog, measure your old tie rod before you take it out the sleeve. Measure from the sleeve to the end of the inner tie rod, measure the new one and wrap tape at the length, so when you thread the new tie rod in you get the same length. Too long or two short and your alignment will be screwed.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuscan Garden Ranch

So I went to use some ranch dressing. I noticed the label was different. Hmmm a flavor. I looked at the label, green and blue, vegetables soaked in ranch dressing in the background. Colorful seasonings stood bold in the white dressing.

So I now read the label. Tuscan Garden Ranch. Tuscan Garden? Is that a reference to the type of spices and flavors that are in my new ranch? Is that title to remind me about the freshness of this ranch, like it is right out of the garden?

That’s not what I thought when I read Tuscan Garden Ranch. I thought, Tuscan Garden Ranch. . . what the hell does a Tuscan garden taste like? Leaves and dirt? Who the hell wants to eat leaves and dirt?

Maybe it took me back to my garden fresh experience. While it wasn’t a Tuscan garden it was a garden experience. I ran out to our garden at about 10 years old. I ripped off some lettuce and threw it on my quick made BLT sandwich. I took a bite, and half a spider crawled out between two leaves of lettuce.

Leaves and dirt that’s what I thought. Not about a fresh tomato from a crisp Tuscan Garden, I thought about leaves and dirt. Evidently no one in that study group thought like me. Such a shame.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Was it worth it Marty?

Something a little different from my previous posts, just a reflection on past, present, and future.

Marty Jannetty

Was it worth it Marty Jannetty? I heard a little kid talk about you. You came into his town and wrestled. You wrestled a local hometown boy; you fought a good fight but lost.

Jannetty you now travel with small shows where you go town to town and collect money to lose to local boys. They are paying you for the privilege of saying they beat Marty Jannetty. That’s what your worth. That is what you made yourself worth.

But why do they want to be able to say they beat Marty Jannetty? Because you were something. You where. They can say they beat a WWE champion. They can say they beat HBKs tag team partner. They beat a guy who was once something.

But now you’re a has been. A has been who sales his name to shows that are getting smaller and smaller. Disappear Marty, work in a factory live in a little trailer, sure at first everyone will be like its Marty Jannetty, but soon you’ll just be one of the guys. Your name might help you get a better a job, even pick up local tang.

But if you keep killing yourself off it will become worse and worse.
What happens when they all beat you? When your name has ran out. When everyone has beaten Marty Jannetty, then what?

I know you don’t lose them all. Maybe you even get the title from time to time in the thirty man show where you help tear down the ring down. But it’s all the same.

Eventually you’ll run out of Name Power and the high school gyms will turn to VFW walls, then the spiral will continue.

Look at yourself. Standing in a high school gym in tights, selling photos of your self you signed for 5 bucks. That 5 bucks goes into your fanny pack.
Give it up. I once loved you. I cheered for the Rockers. Though I never cheered once for Marty Jannetty alone. I once loved Marty Jannetty when he was part of something, now I hate him.

Maybe you remind me of myself, my down falls. How eventually I’ll die and become a nothing, or like my prime has passed. Or perhaps it is your fault for not living up to the Jannetty name. Either way both of us should just let some things go. And for you it’s wrestling, retire completely.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chevette Update

So the chevette.

Today I took the back tires off. I found the leaking brake line and cut it off so I can take it in and get a new 2 foot piece of brake line. Hoping it is pretty cheap, should be. Last time I took the brakes off the back they were locked on. I didn’t think about it then, but the other day I tried to drive it after some other work and it seemed to drag like it had no power. The emergency brake, well parking brake as it is called in the Chevette was locked on. Yeah lot of fun, so I took the back brakes off and just removed the EB cables. The adjusters were locked up so I had to take them off and beat them loose. I put everything in the rear drums back together minus one brake line and started it up. I drove it around the yard, and it ran great, I mean way better than I expected.

I expected it to run, but not so good. I removed the entire fuel evaporation recycling system, and also the EGR system. I took off everything and plugged all the vacuum lines I could, a few things I had to leave hooked up. The EECS return solenoid has a wire to it that makes it open. It has to be open. And rather than tearing the carb down again I just ran the wire live so it stays open. After my removing the smog control, EGR system, ect. . . I figured the carb would need adjusted, but I got it close when I set the jets
and idle with the carb off, near perfect.

I also took off all the thermo controlled choke controls. I just ran a modified manual choke. The gas pedal kicks it open abut ¼ of the way, and the rest is easily opened but pulling the choke knob. The car needs a full open choke at about five minutes so it is an easy system to use, and will make cold starting much easier.
So it still needs a brake line, thermostat housing, and the exhaust put on. Of everything the worst will be finding the new windshield. There is a lot of interior work and minor detail work that I need to do, but not the most important. I want street legal and excellent running.

Yesterday I was mad though. I started it and heard a rod bearing clunking around. It has an oil leak; I suspected the rear of the valve cover as the engine smoked from there profusely the other day. I pulled the valve cover and used a little seal all on the gasket and put it back on. I also poured some slick 50 on the rockers and springs and into the crank. I checked the lifters, springs, and rocker seating while I had access, they were pretty good, and the cam is nice and clean. Then I topped off the oil and boom a smooth running little 1.6.

My bronco also has had some improvements. Still needs a radio desperately. But I took the make shift gas tank out, I was running a 5 gallon gas can like a boat tank, I took it out and put on a massive 45 gallon tank. The issue is I have about 20 bucks worth of gas my sending unit won’t reach. Later on I am getting another sending unit that will reach. But since my float is hooked to my sending unit E still means E, and F stills means F. When you’re on E you have still have 10-15 gallons sitting under the reach of the sending unit. I love that truck, almost as much as my brother who drives it once in a while on short trips. I have new straps and strap bolts for it, but I figure they can wait until I get the new sending unit. I could of put a rubber hose on the end, but even fuel line will start too melt if it is submerged in gas long enough so I passed.

My Nova still sits and waits. I still drive my truck mostly, it actually does better on gas than my Nova. I look forward to getting that Chevette street legal though, awesome gas mileage, and a hatch back to hold my fishing poles and gear. Though backing my truck up to the water and just fishing out of the back sounds nice too.

As soon as I can afford it I am getting my fishing license. Still waiting on my insurance so right now I’m broke as broke with having to pay for Doctors visits and medication. It should be going through any time now though. The cars I’m nickel and diming here and there. Since I do all the labor it is actually a cheap hobby. That’s an update on the cars. I’ve been busy so I haven’t been able to work on them as much as I like.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update - Warning first draft.

So I would like to rescind on my last blog a little bit. None of us are perfect, but I’ve come to several realizations on the divorce. And actually am over it for the most part, not sitting and thinking about it. Part of that may be because I am busy. I decided if I was going to blog a catch up blog it would be good to recap everything.
Honestly I’ve had a little adventure going on. It has been interesting. I took a four wheel drive trip through a field with no brakes. Shot some pool and still suck at it. And I’ve been losing weight, sort of.
Right now everyone wants to know about the bronco. My big ugly camo bronco, yes it still runs, actually running pretty good. It has not been without problems. I got a hard miss until it warmed up, I thought the choke was opening too quick for the negative degree weather we had going on. I adjusted the choke, it is electric, so you just loosen the three housing screws and turn it, usually back toward the firewall will open it slower and forward make t open faster. But all that depends on the choke and carb, I do like the fact you can adjust the choke. Here at -23 you want that choke to open a little slow when you’re driving into head wind, but fast when it is 102.
That did not take the miss out, and then it got worse. At the point it was constant I knew I didn’t have fire on a cylinder. So I checked the plugs and wires. A wire on that Ford small block has rusted out in the boot. No idea how that happened, but they are all crap. I need a new set of wires when I can afford them. I took one off a car in the yard, a wire that is. Put it on and the truck runs great. Low oil pressure, but those old Fords are known or that.
The brakes, well first the master cylinder went out. Fixed that, and then lost brakes again. The brakes went out whole gong through town, I had no brakes, none. You couldn’t even pump the peddle up, reservoirs were bone dry by the time I got home. Heading out on the highway I needed to make one more light. That light was red. So far it had just been slow driving, but this was hit the ditch of cars.
Why ht the ditch and stop? I put it in 4X4 and drove through seven foot deep ditches full of snow, I would of worried about the gas tank or exhaust but that’s another story. Anyway a trip through a feld, and another ditch and I was on the empty, no stop sign trip back home. Took a couple forward, reverse trips to line up the drive way’s 90 degree turn.
I had to fix that master cylinder, next a rear wheel cylinder went out. The front brakes are farly new, the brake lines up front are brand new, fixed them a month ago or so. The rear drums and shoes are brand new, now a new rear wheel cylinder, and a master cylinder. So the brakes on that truck are about new. Now if only I can get the rest done . . . ha.
So anyway I the gas tank story. I moved back and had a gas tank. I did not have the new straps, so the old straps which got bent punctured the tank. That left me with no gas tank. I ran a 5 gal tank to the line so I could drive it. I have another gas tank bought, but there has been too much snow on the ground for me to go get it. So when the snow melts I’ll be able to go get it. That will cost me a fortune to fill once, but I won’t miss the constant stopping to get gas. So I am waiting for spring to arrive so I can get my gas tank.
The exhaust on the other hand turned out great. Some idiot split the muffler to make it louder. This of course made everything rust out. So I cut the pipe off right before the mufflers. Put two 24” glass packs, same thing that is on my car, and ran duel exhaust. Sounds great. It is tight to the body, so I don’t’ fear ripping t off.
My car has bent springs now. I loaded it up when I moved, and now you can notice the curve. So I am going to take them off, brace them, flip my over loads to pull instead of push, and maybe drop the leaf shackles down. Once they are braced with ½ of steel, and the overloads flipped I think it will be fine. I’m not sure how long I’ll drive my nova, had many many offers of people who want to buy it, I don’t want to sell t, but I don’t want to get crap mileage. I can do that in my truck.
I am leaning toward my chevette this summer. I need a brake line, head light, maybe some fuel line, and to put a manual choke on it. Then plate and insure it. I should be good to go. It is a lot of little stuff, but for less than hundred bucks, plates pending, I could have it about new. Imagine that gas mileage I could be getting.
Work is ok. Very part time hours. Which sucks pay time, but is kind of good in it’s own way. The job I can kind of enjoy. I am writing again, have a couple big projects, and a few small ones that I will publish soon. Not big payers but still better than nothing. Pays for gas and insurance the two biggies.
Gas is nice, been dating. Found my dating pool to be much younger than I expected, I’m 28 so I thought 25-35ish, and it seems to be 19-23. Which is nice in it’s own right. But been seeing someone, nice to feel wanted for me.
I suppose on talk of the love life I’d should comment on my ex. At first it was hard but as I sat and thought about it, really I deserve better as a person. For example we had a split up that I found later from friends was due to the fact she met another guy and wanted to test the waters with him on a weekend. When we talked after they just separated she tried to make advances the same day she left him. I turned her down, I thought way more of her than that. This time she went out and slept with a guy first, then told me. I shouldn’t of been surprised really. She didn’t give me the decency of ending it first; he didn’t really respect her by making the choice either. At least I had class, I didn’t think of her as that kind of girl but this new one evidently didn’t care. But to each their own. I don’t blame her I suspected she was kind of a border line sociopath. I mean she met this new guy, he set off her endorphins, so she wanted to see more and more of him. She wanted to feel good, and I was an old stimuli. So she didn’t really care just put on a face and played the role and moved on without care to a new source of “feel good” then justifies it. It is a pattern so I shouldn’t have been shocked, but I guess after the years I thought she may have changed, but no. How can I really care about someone that thought so lowly of me to do what she did? I can’t.
But on to less boring crap. With all the new stuff, came bad new stuff. Really bad new stuff. MY kidneys are worthless. Not really, but I failed a UA due to blood in my urine. I have been to a doc several times and ruled out stones, infections, and found out on a x-ray I have spots. These spots may just be cysts, or could be worse. Either way they hurt all the time, and I feel like crap most the time from them hurting. Sleeping is a pain because I can’t get comfortable. With that being said it has had positive effects.
Docs told me to loose weight, sometimes fatty cysts can spread due to an increase in fat. So I have actually gained weight. But I’ve lost body fat by a fair amount. Doing simple weight sets, cardio, and lots of hiking and just being outside. It takes my mind of my hurting kidneys, and is helping me be healthier so that’s good I guess.
But that is about all that is going on. No camera yet so no pictures, but this summer when I start fixing up my cars, putting my tank on the truck, fixing my leafs on the Nova, and finishing the Chevette I hope to have a camera. I‘m not making much at work, but the little padding from my writing is definitely going to help.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I removed this for a reason. But know life is life, time seems to stand still when you are in a hurry, and fly by when you need to catch your breath. Whevener I fall in doubt I tend to rush a decision to save precious time. IT doesn't always work out the best that way.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Another Update, I guess.

So it’s X-mas, I’m too lazy to type Christmas all the time. So far the divorce is going, well good. Since I’ve cut her out completely I haven’t really thought about her, been too busy. I guess that’s life never stopping. Been working on my truck, will get some pics when I get it done, I hope. Good news it is above freezing, bad news is I have a puddle of ice water under the truck about three inches deep.

I have a second interview Monday. It is for a very part time job, but is better than nothing. And nothing is all that is hiring here. So anything is better than nothing.

Household repairs are coming along slowly. I fixed part of the bathroom floor, got another section to replace, and have to build or get some new shelves. That may take a bit.

Tomorrow I am going to try and work on my truck some more. Really it needs some air in the tires, and the gas tank installed. Everything after that is me playing I think. Not necessary but little jobs I want to do, like the inside door panels, wiring a radio, and hooking up some electrical stuff.

So job and car coming along nicely I think. Not bad for just starting the second week, and dealing with the holidays. Also maintaining a personal life sort of.

I’ve been talking with a younger woman, like 7 or 8 years younger than myself on the phone. She seems sweet, and I enjoy talking with her. We haven’t met yet, but are talking about it soon. I’m not rushing anything, and have no expectations.

So I’ve been busy. I have got to do a little hunting, and got nothing yet.

I really helped myself by realizing, it wasn’t my choice for it to be over. A while back I was thinking, about how I was treated, with her cheating on me and such. I justified her actions, thinking it was me. But she hurt me, and she knew it was going to hurt me. It happened before. She cheated, well not technically according to her, when she broke up with me years ago she spent that very weekend with another man to whom she had been talking. So I’ve went through heart ache twice, I always let her justify it. But I wouldn’t do that to her, I want someone who will be as dedicated to me as I am to them. So she can’t fulfill that, she didn’t and doesn’t care.

So by thinking over everything, she doesn’t deserve me. I don’t want a history of her changing lovers when she gets bored with them looming over me. That and our dogs were like our children. Honestly, and she just gave them up. She gave up our kids. She gave them up because she couldn’t take care of them and have her relationship.

How can I be with someone that could give up their dogs, whom we have loved for almost 6 years? I can’t. She just gave it all up. Perhaps it was time for her to be selfish . . . no I can’t justify it, it was wrong. I wasn’t perfect, I admit that, but it takes two to make a relationship to work. She gave up; I deserve someone that won’t give up in the hard times.

But I rant. Thinking about things has really helped. That and staying busy. I was surprised the other day when I realized how long it had been since I thought about her. I think about my dogs and hope they are in great new homes, I think about my house I miss, but not her.

Things are getting better. I have new goals, budding independence on a new level, and my own life. I’m thinking of stopping smoking, but not until after the first of the year. That will be another battle. Right now I’m just hoping for a good night’s sleep, and a productive day.

I’m doing it. If I can, you can, anyone can. Thinking about it from a third part perspective can help.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So I’ve been here almost a week now, in Muscatine at my mother’s house. So far I’ve gotten unpacked sort of, my clothes must stay in bags. But everything else is done. The room is cleaned out enough to sleep in.
The starter was acting up on my car the day I left, but I got that fixed. Since then my car has been sitting. I’ve been working on the bronco. Haven’t got a real lot done, too cold and windy, but it needs done soon.
Tomorrow I have to put insurance on it regardless. I am going to redo the exhaust that will either be a horrible project or easy as pie. I have a piece of pipe and cherry bomb, but if it doesn’t fit it will be a pain.
I have an interview Thursday. Only a part time job, but it will be enough to pay my insurance and keep gas in the tank. Also once I get trained I will be able to pick up new accounts at the job.
So I have a job prospect, and the truck is getting finished. Once I get a car and job I will feel a lot better. Then I will have back some independence.
I have someone that seems interested in a date. I’m afraid being busy and not able to make time for her will drive her off. The past two times we were going to meet it snowed and tomorrow, it is snowing again and we were talking about a movie. She is a little young I have no expectations, but it’d be nice to hang out with non-family.
But things could be coming together slowly. I’m moving on, and every day is easier. After this short amount of time I feel pretty good, just imagine what the next few weeks bring.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dealing with my divorce

So life has changed. My wife has left me. Well we left each other. I took my stuff, tools and clothes, and left. She is up there. She found someone else. I guess I didn’t show my love enough. And it got to the point she wanted more affection, and found it. So we talked about sharing the house for a while, but I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t be there making her miserable, I want her to be happy, and me to be happy, that means one of us had to go.
I moved out. I came to my moms. Wow a big change, over an hour away in a town half the size. Left my home, to my old home. But things are different now. I’m not the same, I was a lazy teen last time I was here, and I can’t fall back into that. I need to keep my life going; I need to keep life happening.
So what do I need to do? Well my car, isn’t the best winter driver, and the starter is weak. So it may sit for the winter. I have a bronco that needs a little work. A break line, a gas tank, and then it will be ready to go. However it isn’t going anywhere without a job. The gas is going to kill me.
That gives me a vehicle, and next I can get the nova ready for spring time. So finding a job and the car is number one, or two.
I guess number one is moving in. I have bags all over my mom’s living room and in my car. The room I am moving into in has old carpet, drywall, inches of dust, and a broken window, it’s cold by the way. My mom’s house is condemnable. I have to help her out and catch her house work up and see what we can do from there.
So the living situation is little less than I’m used to. But it is a good motivator to stay busy. But I have to clean the room, 6 hours in and I’m about half way down. Going to finish it tonight.
But that’s my cluster f& of plans. Truck running, job, and moved in.
Ultimately I’m going to progress with my life, work, save, and live. I’m saving for land; I’m tired of being the one that has to leave, so I want my own land, my own place. I don’t care if I have to pull a trailer on the land while I build a house for a while.
Once I get those three things done (I’m working, with reliable vehicle, and moved in) I start on the next. I am quitting smoking, I am going to improve my mom’s house step by step, and since I’m not paying rent I will save as much as I can to invest in this land.
But the week before Christmas, and three days before my birthday I find out my wife loves another man. Hurray for X-mas. I really don’t’ want X-mas to even come this year.
That’s my update. The next couple days will be returning a lot of applications, fixing my truck, clean the room out enough for me sleep in. I’ll have no photos, as I lost the camera, but I’ll try and update here. Perhaps this blog has turned into a how to, or how not to survive a life changing event?
Wish me luck, I need it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More black students punished than white, where to draw the line. (WIP)

Here in the great state of Illinois I live in, we are going to research why African American or black children get punished more often than white students in public school, and stop this. This stems from concern from a school district in the Chicago area.

I was a bit concerned when hearing this news. First of all this makes absolutely no sense. I researched a bit, a good thing to do before you begin any argument.

I found out the percentages of black adults in Chicago is (36.8%) to whites (31.3%) (City Data, 2008). Black families, even though more likely to be single parent households have an average of about 3 children, while white people have about the average of 2. (Social status and bearings, 2007).

So first of all we have more black children in the school districts, so more of them should be punished on average, that’s correlation. In Chicago the public schools contain a larger concentration of black children, while almost 10% of white students in the area attend private schools. (Educators Handbook, 2005). That increases the population of African Americans even more. If you have 15 rabbits, three gray, the rest tan. Which group gray, or tan would get the most time spent on them? The larger group of course, there is a direct correlation.

Away from the facts that larger base of black students means more of them will be punished due to population size. I heard a brief radio presentation on this, and some interesting comments. A teacher, I did not get the name or school district, but to paraphrase her “It’s not fair to punish them for what they can’t do.”

Evidently the minority teachers, as this teacher was, felt it wasn’t fair to hold black students to the same standards as white students. It is common knowledge that black families are more likely one parent, lower in SES standing, have a higher rate of abuse, and other difficulties that can make education harder, or even a second thought (Social Work Today, 2008).

But let’s look at that idea again. “It’s not fair to punish them for what they can’t do.” Is that a fair statement? Do some of the black kids have tough lives? Sure, but I bet some of the white kids do too. Is there a reason that black kids should be expected to do less for the same reward (education) as whites?

What this lady is saying is black kids can’t do as well as white kids.

What if I said that?

He can’t do it because he is black.

If I made that statement I’d be fired as a teacher, and declared a racist. Why the double standard? Do double standards really help?

If we ask the feminist movement they don’t. Look at the advances in women over the past few decades, the right to vote, work, the opportunity to be athletes, professionals, college educated, the right to be anything they can be.

But evidently we can’t ask the same of the black community, but they have to ask it of themselves, or else we are racist.

So It seems we need less discipline with black children in schools. The core belief seems to be it must be easier for blacks, or else it isn’t fair.
A harsh conclusion?

For years Chicago has tried public buses going to schools, offering scholarships for college to promising students, charting and re-charting to school districts to increase/decrease diversity. Look at national schools, American Educator, 2004) They now are trying to remove discipline.

I think this is a bad idea. It takes away teachers control of classroom, it doesn’t’ teach discipline, it reinforces bad behavior. But what could this lead to?

“At about 24 deaths a year, Chicago children
are being killed 24 times the rate that Chicago soldiers are being
killed in Iraq. Statistics from Military Genealogy Trails show that
during the five-year period between September 2001 and July 2006, six
soldiers from Chicago were killed in Iraq combat. In a startling
comparison, however, during an eight-year period between 1998 and 2007,
190 Chicago Public School children, mostly black, died in gun-related
incidents.” (Chicago loses more Black kids than soldiers in Iraq to gun violence, Now Public, 2007).

Whats wrong with teaching curricula, self respect, respect for others, disclpline, work ethic, and all the things that drive people to succed. I am not interested in being a fun paid babysitter that gives everyone gold stars. I am interested in teaching.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Did some more work on the chevette a few weekends ago. Moved it from our house to my mom’s house to get it out of the way for winter. I bought a master cylinder for it.

Me and brother working on chevette

I put the new master cylinder on it, and went to bleed the brakes, blowing a rear brake line in the process. So now I have to wait to get the brake lines done.
The master cylinder removal was unhooking lines, unbolting the master cylinder, unhooking the linkage under the dash, bleeding, and reversing the process.

Chevette Master Cylinder

I bled the master cylinder in the car, by pumping the brakes with plugs in the master cylinder, took about an hour and half to get the air out of the master cylinder.

Three hoods up

I hooked the lines up, started to bleed the brakes, and blew the rear line.

My brother’s car was up in the air, waiting a transmission swap. My mom’s car needed a thermostat. And the bronco needs the fuel lines fixe, a brake line tightened, and the tranny put back together. So lots left to do. Bad thing is the cold weather is on the way hard and fast, so I am going to have to start picking my battles on what to fix.

Waiting on a transmission

Electrical Outlet

So last week our microwave stopped working, and we smelt burning plastic. So I unplugged it until I could look at it. I plugged it back in without the cover on, it threw sparks inside. Not surprising, it was from the 1970s and microwaves don’t last forever. So I left it plugged in and we started smelling the plastic again, the inside was hot. You could actually see a capacitor arching to a screw in the board.

So it was unplugged, and we got a new microwave.

Plugged in the new microwave and it didn’t work. Tried the new microwave in another outlet and it worked perfectly. So I took the plug cover off. The microwave surging had cooked the plug. The outlet had melted in the wall. The box was a little melted but still served its purpose so I left it.

Bad wall plug

It wasn’t as bad as it looked. I had an old surge protected outlet to replace it with. I’m not a fan of them, had them in my garage and just plugging in a welder will set them off.

Open box

So I took the old one out, the wires were not that bad, I wrapped the live wire in some electric tape. It had some bubbles in the plastic coating. But I wrapped it up and hooked up the outlet. I'm replacing the wiring from knob and tube and old strand wires to new ez pull wires piece by piece anyway so it will get changed in about a year.

Wall Outlet naked

I turned the power back on and nothing burnt down. Or shot sparks. So I plugged the microwave in and it worked. I left the cover off for a day to make sure the house wasn’t going to burn down, and then I put it back on.

Wall outlet finished

I like to think I saved the house from a fire.