Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Blog

First blog
Well why not start this blog page off with a first blog? I guess I should introduce myself here, and give a bit of a preview what I will blog about, and how I write. I have a lot of writing experience you could say. I write for college, for fun, I have written one book that is published, another that needs proofed then I can start shopping it around for book publishers.
I am a twenty something college student, buying a home, pet owner, and jack of all trades . . . That make sense? Well I am going to college for education, my wife landed a great job that allowed me to leave the working world for a bit and return to college to expand my earning potential. We are buying a home, with the idea we will ultimately sell it in a few years and move from the area. Our house is probably the nicest home in our area, we live in the “hood” so to speak. It is a couple of bedroom, two car garage, I am finishing the attic (putting in a wet bar) and finishing the basement. The rest well you know the drill, vinyl windows, siding, new roof, 6’ tall privacy fence I barely got in last winter before the freeze.
Pets, pets, pets, jeez do we have pets. We have three dogs, two beagles, one pregnant, and one American Bulldog. They are horrible, right now their newest hobby is getting in the trash and spreading it out all over the place. We’ve tried a fourth dog several times, a Boxer (very hyper and barky, and Dasch/York mix who pee’d on everything. Both of those have moved to more suitable homes. The wife to be wants another dog (ugh) something little and cute, I’m working against this idea vehemently. We also have three fish tanks, several cichlids, a pacman toad, and a deaf cat running around.
I was a poli sci major, and as you’ll read I swing more conservative than most. I don’t like big government taxing me, laying down rules and regulations, I think the cream will float and crap sink.
And the jack of all trades part, well that comes from rugged individualism. I am a mechanic, restoring my 76 Nova working on our other vehicles, a 00something ford that takes the brunt of the driving, and a full size bronco I need to haul butt on to get ready for this lovely winter (where is global warming!?!?). I also do construction, concrete, foundations, electrical, plumbing, framing, dry walling, painting, roofing, ect. . . I am, well as you know a writer, an amateur massage therapist, tattoo artist, boxer, plain old artist, inventor, beer drinker, hunter, landscaper and yes I do not have time TV! So no blogs about my favorite episode of . . . crap I don’t even know a newer show.
I do listen to AM radio, drives some people nuts I don’t think the radio is for music, but talk and news. I like to stay informed.
Well ok enough about me, why am I writing? (ha ha that was lame joke if you got it you understand my humor) But I am writing because, hmmmm, I guess I don’t have friends so to speak, I tend to alienate people. Also I enjoy writing. So what will I be writing about? Things I find interesting, cars, fish, home repair, politics, dreams (I have some weird uns’), I am hoping this to be an interesting mix of information, resources, and opinions. I will be posting some old blogs I have written a few months ago, but after finals that are coming at an exceedingly increasing pace I should have time to fill up some more space on the internet.

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