Monday, April 5, 2010

Was it worth it Marty?

Something a little different from my previous posts, just a reflection on past, present, and future.

Marty Jannetty

Was it worth it Marty Jannetty? I heard a little kid talk about you. You came into his town and wrestled. You wrestled a local hometown boy; you fought a good fight but lost.

Jannetty you now travel with small shows where you go town to town and collect money to lose to local boys. They are paying you for the privilege of saying they beat Marty Jannetty. That’s what your worth. That is what you made yourself worth.

But why do they want to be able to say they beat Marty Jannetty? Because you were something. You where. They can say they beat a WWE champion. They can say they beat HBKs tag team partner. They beat a guy who was once something.

But now you’re a has been. A has been who sales his name to shows that are getting smaller and smaller. Disappear Marty, work in a factory live in a little trailer, sure at first everyone will be like its Marty Jannetty, but soon you’ll just be one of the guys. Your name might help you get a better a job, even pick up local tang.

But if you keep killing yourself off it will become worse and worse.
What happens when they all beat you? When your name has ran out. When everyone has beaten Marty Jannetty, then what?

I know you don’t lose them all. Maybe you even get the title from time to time in the thirty man show where you help tear down the ring down. But it’s all the same.

Eventually you’ll run out of Name Power and the high school gyms will turn to VFW walls, then the spiral will continue.

Look at yourself. Standing in a high school gym in tights, selling photos of your self you signed for 5 bucks. That 5 bucks goes into your fanny pack.
Give it up. I once loved you. I cheered for the Rockers. Though I never cheered once for Marty Jannetty alone. I once loved Marty Jannetty when he was part of something, now I hate him.

Maybe you remind me of myself, my down falls. How eventually I’ll die and become a nothing, or like my prime has passed. Or perhaps it is your fault for not living up to the Jannetty name. Either way both of us should just let some things go. And for you it’s wrestling, retire completely.

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