Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chevette Update

So the chevette.

Today I took the back tires off. I found the leaking brake line and cut it off so I can take it in and get a new 2 foot piece of brake line. Hoping it is pretty cheap, should be. Last time I took the brakes off the back they were locked on. I didn’t think about it then, but the other day I tried to drive it after some other work and it seemed to drag like it had no power. The emergency brake, well parking brake as it is called in the Chevette was locked on. Yeah lot of fun, so I took the back brakes off and just removed the EB cables. The adjusters were locked up so I had to take them off and beat them loose. I put everything in the rear drums back together minus one brake line and started it up. I drove it around the yard, and it ran great, I mean way better than I expected.

I expected it to run, but not so good. I removed the entire fuel evaporation recycling system, and also the EGR system. I took off everything and plugged all the vacuum lines I could, a few things I had to leave hooked up. The EECS return solenoid has a wire to it that makes it open. It has to be open. And rather than tearing the carb down again I just ran the wire live so it stays open. After my removing the smog control, EGR system, ect. . . I figured the carb would need adjusted, but I got it close when I set the jets
and idle with the carb off, near perfect.

I also took off all the thermo controlled choke controls. I just ran a modified manual choke. The gas pedal kicks it open abut ¼ of the way, and the rest is easily opened but pulling the choke knob. The car needs a full open choke at about five minutes so it is an easy system to use, and will make cold starting much easier.
So it still needs a brake line, thermostat housing, and the exhaust put on. Of everything the worst will be finding the new windshield. There is a lot of interior work and minor detail work that I need to do, but not the most important. I want street legal and excellent running.

Yesterday I was mad though. I started it and heard a rod bearing clunking around. It has an oil leak; I suspected the rear of the valve cover as the engine smoked from there profusely the other day. I pulled the valve cover and used a little seal all on the gasket and put it back on. I also poured some slick 50 on the rockers and springs and into the crank. I checked the lifters, springs, and rocker seating while I had access, they were pretty good, and the cam is nice and clean. Then I topped off the oil and boom a smooth running little 1.6.

My bronco also has had some improvements. Still needs a radio desperately. But I took the make shift gas tank out, I was running a 5 gallon gas can like a boat tank, I took it out and put on a massive 45 gallon tank. The issue is I have about 20 bucks worth of gas my sending unit won’t reach. Later on I am getting another sending unit that will reach. But since my float is hooked to my sending unit E still means E, and F stills means F. When you’re on E you have still have 10-15 gallons sitting under the reach of the sending unit. I love that truck, almost as much as my brother who drives it once in a while on short trips. I have new straps and strap bolts for it, but I figure they can wait until I get the new sending unit. I could of put a rubber hose on the end, but even fuel line will start too melt if it is submerged in gas long enough so I passed.

My Nova still sits and waits. I still drive my truck mostly, it actually does better on gas than my Nova. I look forward to getting that Chevette street legal though, awesome gas mileage, and a hatch back to hold my fishing poles and gear. Though backing my truck up to the water and just fishing out of the back sounds nice too.

As soon as I can afford it I am getting my fishing license. Still waiting on my insurance so right now I’m broke as broke with having to pay for Doctors visits and medication. It should be going through any time now though. The cars I’m nickel and diming here and there. Since I do all the labor it is actually a cheap hobby. That’s an update on the cars. I’ve been busy so I haven’t been able to work on them as much as I like.

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