Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So I’ve been here almost a week now, in Muscatine at my mother’s house. So far I’ve gotten unpacked sort of, my clothes must stay in bags. But everything else is done. The room is cleaned out enough to sleep in.
The starter was acting up on my car the day I left, but I got that fixed. Since then my car has been sitting. I’ve been working on the bronco. Haven’t got a real lot done, too cold and windy, but it needs done soon.
Tomorrow I have to put insurance on it regardless. I am going to redo the exhaust that will either be a horrible project or easy as pie. I have a piece of pipe and cherry bomb, but if it doesn’t fit it will be a pain.
I have an interview Thursday. Only a part time job, but it will be enough to pay my insurance and keep gas in the tank. Also once I get trained I will be able to pick up new accounts at the job.
So I have a job prospect, and the truck is getting finished. Once I get a car and job I will feel a lot better. Then I will have back some independence.
I have someone that seems interested in a date. I’m afraid being busy and not able to make time for her will drive her off. The past two times we were going to meet it snowed and tomorrow, it is snowing again and we were talking about a movie. She is a little young I have no expectations, but it’d be nice to hang out with non-family.
But things could be coming together slowly. I’m moving on, and every day is easier. After this short amount of time I feel pretty good, just imagine what the next few weeks bring.

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