Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dealing with my divorce

So life has changed. My wife has left me. Well we left each other. I took my stuff, tools and clothes, and left. She is up there. She found someone else. I guess I didn’t show my love enough. And it got to the point she wanted more affection, and found it. So we talked about sharing the house for a while, but I couldn’t take it. I couldn’t be there making her miserable, I want her to be happy, and me to be happy, that means one of us had to go.
I moved out. I came to my moms. Wow a big change, over an hour away in a town half the size. Left my home, to my old home. But things are different now. I’m not the same, I was a lazy teen last time I was here, and I can’t fall back into that. I need to keep my life going; I need to keep life happening.
So what do I need to do? Well my car, isn’t the best winter driver, and the starter is weak. So it may sit for the winter. I have a bronco that needs a little work. A break line, a gas tank, and then it will be ready to go. However it isn’t going anywhere without a job. The gas is going to kill me.
That gives me a vehicle, and next I can get the nova ready for spring time. So finding a job and the car is number one, or two.
I guess number one is moving in. I have bags all over my mom’s living room and in my car. The room I am moving into in has old carpet, drywall, inches of dust, and a broken window, it’s cold by the way. My mom’s house is condemnable. I have to help her out and catch her house work up and see what we can do from there.
So the living situation is little less than I’m used to. But it is a good motivator to stay busy. But I have to clean the room, 6 hours in and I’m about half way down. Going to finish it tonight.
But that’s my cluster f& of plans. Truck running, job, and moved in.
Ultimately I’m going to progress with my life, work, save, and live. I’m saving for land; I’m tired of being the one that has to leave, so I want my own land, my own place. I don’t care if I have to pull a trailer on the land while I build a house for a while.
Once I get those three things done (I’m working, with reliable vehicle, and moved in) I start on the next. I am quitting smoking, I am going to improve my mom’s house step by step, and since I’m not paying rent I will save as much as I can to invest in this land.
But the week before Christmas, and three days before my birthday I find out my wife loves another man. Hurray for X-mas. I really don’t’ want X-mas to even come this year.
That’s my update. The next couple days will be returning a lot of applications, fixing my truck, clean the room out enough for me sleep in. I’ll have no photos, as I lost the camera, but I’ll try and update here. Perhaps this blog has turned into a how to, or how not to survive a life changing event?
Wish me luck, I need it.


  1. Planning and analyzing how you are going to move on with your life as a single man again is a great start. It means that you value yourself and your freedom enough to visualize how you are going to survive and settle down. What’s better is that you are taking actions. So, Brandon, I wish you all the luck you need in order to move on and be happy again!

    Laine Harwell

  2. “I need to keep my life going; I need to keep life happening.” – A failing relationship must not end your whole life. Sometimes, it’s just the beginning of a new you and a new routine for your own sake. Failing to show your love for her may not be exactly the reason. It could be that you’re simply not meant for each other. I hope at this moment of time you’ve totally recovered from your divorce and kept life happening. :)

    -- Mike Clark

  3. Just enjoy the freedom that you already have after the divorce. It’s been a long way to have that freedom and it’s after all the settlements and trials. I just hope that everything was settled properly between you and your ex-wife, especially your properties. :)

    -- Kimora Avery


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