Thursday, November 5, 2009


Did some more work on the chevette a few weekends ago. Moved it from our house to my mom’s house to get it out of the way for winter. I bought a master cylinder for it.

Me and brother working on chevette

I put the new master cylinder on it, and went to bleed the brakes, blowing a rear brake line in the process. So now I have to wait to get the brake lines done.
The master cylinder removal was unhooking lines, unbolting the master cylinder, unhooking the linkage under the dash, bleeding, and reversing the process.

Chevette Master Cylinder

I bled the master cylinder in the car, by pumping the brakes with plugs in the master cylinder, took about an hour and half to get the air out of the master cylinder.

Three hoods up

I hooked the lines up, started to bleed the brakes, and blew the rear line.

My brother’s car was up in the air, waiting a transmission swap. My mom’s car needed a thermostat. And the bronco needs the fuel lines fixe, a brake line tightened, and the tranny put back together. So lots left to do. Bad thing is the cold weather is on the way hard and fast, so I am going to have to start picking my battles on what to fix.

Waiting on a transmission


  1. Hey,What going on?I am a HUGE Chevette lover.Ive had 9 different Chevettes in the last 20 years or so.I love dropping the 3.8 Buick motor in them,its a whole lotta fun.I recently purchased a '81 with 47k original miles.This thing is clean with a few minors like driver side floor is a little weak.Im going to fix that right away.This time Im dropping a 350 w/350 transmission in her.Ive never done the 350 conversion before and I was wondering if you(or someone you might know)had ANY input for me before I get started on this project.Im not even sure if you will get this so I will end it here.There are a few concerns that I would like to ask about like motor mounts,rear end,headers,ect...

  2. Everyone I know that has put a SBC in a chevette uses the conversion kit, or pieces on together for an S-10 conversion. You have to worry about the fron suspension of course, need a shorter driveshaft. The rear ends are easily interchangable, a good welder can actually run larger leaf mounts under the chevette to use bigger leafs. But the rear end I'd find something that close to the same width. Everyone I know again uses S-10 conversion kits. It has motor mounts, shocks, front springs, all that fit with minor modification. The engine bay in these things is freaking huge. Really I've seen a couple sbcs go in and you don't realy have to cut the firewall but you may have to move the motor mounts around. The headers, are a nightmare honestly. Get tight little heavers that make getting to your starter a huge pain and drop a L bend that have firewall clearance issues, or go with long tube headers, and smash them on every bump. Tight headers work the best, like patriots, I love long tube headers so I'd just jack the thing up four or five inches to get clearance, the suspension is going to do most of that for you anyway. Any specifics ask away though, it is pretty easy, but parts can add up in a hurry.


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