Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Post Coming.

So I have been writing, really I have. Unfortunately it is for Math. I decided that I will post papers on request if I have one that fits the need. That's right all B or higher, research done on most.

So away from that I am working on three blogs right now, and two books. Well proofing one, skeleton the next. But two are on scary Halloween type stuff. The other a bit different. The book I won't elude to since I don't want to be copy right infringed.

But I have also done other things besides homework and writing. I finished that little horse riding toy I bought. It was grey, worn, and in a couple pieces with no handle. A buck fifty. I'm re stained it with dark walnut stain, put it together and reinforced it. Finally it is done, not bad an antique riding horse now in great shape for a buck fifty and a half n hour of work.

I sanded it, which didn't take much, after I took it all apart. I knocked out the old peg handles. And drilled a larger hole to hold an entire 1" dowel rod versus the little wood glued 1/2 handles with peg bases. I also put on a new the little rope. I stained it all the dark walnut letting them soak over night. Then I put it all back together, and took off my masking tape. Here is a bad cell phone photo, I'll try and get a better one soon.

I also found why your least favorite lighter always gets appreciated. That's right, many of you buy a bunch of lighters at a time, a four pack for dollar or something. You then carry your favorite lighter, and then want to go down through the pack. But you loose it for a day in your pocket or something, and you use a new one. After a while you have all the lighters out. At the end as they are all dieing your least favorite still lights, and you think, maybe I shouldn't hate this lighter (color, shape, etc) so much, they all died and this one is still going. You love your ugly little lighter. But you shouldn't it didn't really do anything special. You used your favorite, if you couldn't find it your second favorite, and so on. SO it never got used, it didn't last longer, it just sat around, it is the lazy lighter, that's why it choose to be it's color, shape, etc. . .

But that's it, I'll have more posts coming soon.

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