Friday, October 9, 2009

Fixing the grill.

I’ve been busy as of late. I cleaned out the house gutters, and installed gutter guards 99% of the way. They are the steel kind; you have to life the bottom shingle up to install. I got all but 2’ done. I ran out of screen, but bent the end down so nothing can get under it. Hopefully I can get the rest of the gutter screen done before winter.

I also finally fixed the grill. A few months ago I was grilling when I noticed part of the burner was shooting flames about two feet high. I turned off the gas and looked at the burner; it had a hole in it, to say the least.

Being late in the grill season I got a deal on a new burner. Installing it was an easy job. The igniter had long been broke; the new burner had come with a new bracket for the igniter.

I disassembled the grill. The dogs had knocked it over a couple times making the frame a bit wobbly. I took a couple pieces of wood and made cross braces to make it more stable. I took the actual grill off of the frame and pulled the igniter out. I took the old burner out, and replaced it with the new one. Installing the bracket for the igniter I had filed clean and fit into a not so perfect match bracket hole actually went without problems.

So it all came together, more stable than before, an igniter that was hooked up, and a good looking burner. I hit the grill with a wire brush to clean the grate, put new lava rock in, and finally hooked up the propane tank.

I turned it one, with a click of the igniter I had fire. So I am ready for my winter grilling sprees. Nothing is awesome as fresh grilled burgers in the dead of winter. I do only have half a tank of propane left, and icy cold weather may unmotivated me to replace it in cold winter weather.

As for an update on the guns I took a copper brush and cleaned the chambers of the mag cylinder, it shot beautifully, no stuck shells. Dead on, easy action. My brother shot a round off sitting on the ground, he just about deafened himself.

College is keeping me busy. I just had a big psych test covering such things as authoritative versus authoritarian parenting styles. I have a couple papers coming up and some homework to work through, but it won’t be so much of a rush since Monday is a holiday. I still am saving papers for possible blog posts, who wouldn’t want a ready made B+? I save them for future use, why do the work over again if you did it once already?

I came across this headstone on a walk. I found it humorous, thought I'd share it.

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