Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grilling, a pork steak story.

So a few days ago I decided to light up the grill. Nothing too surprising if you know me, I am a grill master. Well I try to be a grill master.

I pulled some pork steak out of the fridge and set to my task, making meat edible.

Pork Steaks

Step one of course is preparing the meat. I season almost everything in a similar manner. First cookies rub, then some fat man rub, then I re rub the entire piece of meat with sauce. The sauce is either bbq, steak, or other (dressing, marinade, depends on the meat), then I let it sit and soak for about ten minutes in it's glazed goodness. I only season one side.


seasoned pork steaks

Once the meat is seasoned, I light up my grill. It is a good grill. Propane, which I like better than charcoal. Easier to get the grill going, you don't get coal taste, and it is easier to control the temperature, ha. One side of my grill is always hotter, the burner is tilted for some reason, came that way, and the fire is closer on one side. It isn't bad if you rotate, but a variety of thickness in meats can screw up your rotation plans.

grill fired up

pork steaks, raw

So I took the pork outside, and put it on the grill. This is the dogs favorite part.

I was out of cigarettes, I'm quitting after finals this year. But out of smokes I found a CC, Cusano cigar. Almost as good as the meat itself.

Cusano cigar

So puffing on a cigar, and drinking bud light I cooked the meat.

I try and cook oneside to completeness, then flip and cook the other side. I cook the un seasoned side, so as the meat pores open up my seasoning melts into the steak. Many people season both sides, but then you get burnt seasoning on one side. My way the season doesn't burn, it sit on top and melts into the juice and blood that appears on the top. When the far side is about cooked or cook, I flip. Of course there is careful rotating of the meat during this pre flip time.

pork steaks, about done

After the flip I cook the other side. Then I give a few mercy flips to drain off excess blood and juice that has bubbled up from the seasoned side being cook.

pork steaks, on a plate

I never overpower the meat with seasoning, just enough to add flavor. Seasoning one side helps to not over power the meat. I cook on low, long heat. For beef I try and leave it medium at the most, rarer the better. I am paranoid with pork, so I cook the hell out of it. Not burnt, but give it a little char, but leave the meat inside white, juicy, and with out trichinosis.

pork steak, cut open

So I finished my grill, packed up two of the pork steaks, and ate one. Turned out great. I did finish the Cusano after I ate, and had a few more beers. It does beat working on a car all night, but I have many many many more car related blogs on the up and coming.

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