Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fishing, where your fish sandwich, and fillets come from, even if you don't want to believe it.


Spotted Bass, cleaning

So the time to fish is here again, and I found out a few things. One I know here a good bass spot is, two I found out my fillet knife is dull as all get out, and three MySpace is weird.

So I took off to go fishing. I wanted to visit my grandparents, get a couple hours of fishing in, and site my new scope on m rifle in. For the sake of this blog, I’ll shorten up the non fishing related. G-parents took long; I didn’t get to go fishing until about 3. I went to a little lake, where back waters are fed into an irrigation ditch via tube.

Spotted Bass, Cleaning

We fished for about half an hour and didn’t catch anything. Just a few nibbles. I kind of figured the spot had been fished out earlier in the day. But I thought I had a bite, and pulled y pull. I felt no fight. So I sat it back down and went to help the wife with hers. My brother grabbed my pole and started to reel it in; very happy he had caught a spotted bass. I still think I hooked it. So we fished for about three hours, we only caught two spotted bass, but they were very large, about two pound each.

We emptied our cooler and tossed the fish in. We took the fish to my moms, the closest place. Our house is over an hour away. So I went to fillet these two fish, to find out my fillet knife. My brand new never used before fillet knife is dull as a stick.

Spotted Bass, Filleting

I hacked at the fish and got about a pound of fillet meat off while my brother and wife took pictures. Not bad for two and half hours or so of fishing.

So to the interesting stuff. We caught these bass off of dew worms, or night crawlers. We ran about a foot and half of line past the good sized sinker, with a pan fish hook ad a mess of worm. We found better results on a slow reel in. My brother tried to lose the weight and try more traditional fly style fishing but didn’t even get a bite.

Rig for spotted bass

So after we had cleaned the fish and came home I posted my filleting adventures on my other sites. Face book, whom hasn’t taken them down yet, and MySpace. MySpace quickly removed my pictures and sent me a notice that they cannot post pictures of violence. Half dressed 16 year old girls are fine, but you can’t have pictures of cleaning a fish. Really? Is the world that disconnected from where our food comes from that cleaning a fish is so repulsive and barbaric that it can’t be shown in public?

Spotted Bass, cleaning

Spotted Bass, Cleaning

I can’t wait to get a deer on film/picture.

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