Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update; and bought a revolver.

So lots going on, painting a room, making a cell phone, and college has started. Lots of crap on my plate and lots of projects left to do. I have a bench to refinish, the chevette to work on, I have to adjust my rear springs on the nova it is dog tracking a bit, keep up with homework, and live life. Oh yeah and put a gas tank on the Bronco.

So we’ve been painting. Painting a room a light green color, seems ok to me.


The wife ate some kind of spaghetti/pizza sauce that gave her an allergic reaction.
Took three days to get over it, then she ate it again for some unknown reason.

Food Allergy Rash

I’m building my own cell phone, because my new I-9 sucks. That will be a blog in itself. I’m building it inside a Nintendo controller. May end up pretty cool, or suck big time, we will see. My I-9 won’t hold charge for more than 6 hours then takes two days to charge enough to turn back on.

NES controller gutted

I’ve got a new rifle. Redid the stock, it was dull and very rough. I sanded, stained, and varnished it. Good little gun as far as I know, haven’t got to shoot it yet. It is the rifle in the pic, not the shot gun, had that break barrel for a while.

New Rifle, old Shotgun

Also bought a revolver. It is a little heritage, pretty good for under $200. Haven’t shot it yet either, but action is smooth, comes with 2 cylinders, fires any 22s, from shorts to mags. So cheap rounds equal more shooting. I check the sight with my bore sighter, they are fixed but pretty close, aims a little to the left if my bore sighter is correct. Should be fun to shoot, looks very old western and is simple in build.

Heritage Revolver

I'll have to get some target shooting in and post the reviews.

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