Saturday, August 1, 2009

Killed my phone.

I broke it.

CECT P168, broken screen

So I had a CECT P168 phone, commonly known as an Iphone clone. I loved it, but most people hated it. It looked like the first generation Iphone, but didn’t have the features. There was no Java, shake feature, and it was pretty bare bones.

The reason I loved it is I had signal everywhere. I have a smaller company, and with them I could get almost full bars where my friends with the big networks and $500 phones couldn't get a signal. I always said I could be in a bomb shelter sitting in a closet and get half bars.

It was tough, I dropped it, got it wet, and abused it, and it took a beating. Being a mechanic it rode in my pocket with lots of bolts, screwdrivers, ect, and only had one small scratch on the screen. Not bad for $70.

But it didn’t have Java, so games and apps were out. That is the reason I think most people hated it. The camera was ok, good enough for me; the video it took was awesome though. Loud, very loud, even on its quietest mode it was still loud, on full volume a surprise call could make you piss yourself. Great for an alarm clock. Played mp3s, and most videos with ease. I used to watch old cartoons on it when waiting places.

The headphone jack was a USB type jack, so getting replacements head phones was a PITA. I hardly used it, but a regular jack would have been better.

Touch screen was great, I loved the phone, tough, reliable, and then I killed it.

As tough as it was it couldn't survive a fall on the corner of an open drawer on the night stand screen first.

CECT P168, broken screen

So I say good bye to my 168, and wait for next week when my CECT I9 will be here. It does have Java, shake control, ect, however I just hope it has as good of antenna and gets as good of a signal as it's ancestor.

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