Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fishing and stuff.

Sick today, ugh. Don't know how I got a cold in the middle of the summer? Who knows? Usually it is my sinuses, I constantly battle them. Pollen in spring, weeds in summer, dry air in winter. Never bothered me as a kid, I hope they stop bothering me again.

But this gives me a chance to blog, something I haven't done in a while. A brief look at what I normally blog about. The Chevette, runs great, exhaust still isn't on it, and there is a loss of prime at the fuel pump, so you have to prime it every time. Other than that the engine is good to ok. The master cylinder is shot though, so it needs that replaced. I've taken a break from it, so it is parked awaiting a more motivated time to arrive.

The VW, well it is leaking coolant out of either 1. The water outlet elbow or 2. The head itself. It started losing power, so I think the head maybe screwed, but it still runs great so not sure if it is the head as it has power in low. We wiped out the exhaust the other day and had a new piece of pipe welded on. Other than it's normal problems it is doing all right besides overheating. But I can't see spending any more time and money on it, the wife works 45 minutes away, I go to school about 45 minutes away in the opposite direction, so we need mileage and reliability. So we maybe looking at new cars soon.

The Nova, plug 3 and 4 are giving me problems, with my headers I can't run any kind of plug boot but short wells. And they fall off or burn through. Besides that she is a dream, whoever designed the headers is an idiot.

I did a quick tape up job on them for now. Going to look for plugs that may work, but 45 and 90 degrees are out, so are straight boots. So maybe something short with a heat shield?

Temp fix on a plug wire

Well away from mechanic work, I've been busy hunting and fishing.

Big Perch

Perch in a cooler

So been fishing, lot of fishing. Kind of wish I would have got that trout fee, I've caught two of them. Lots of bass, and other pan fish like blue gill and perch I've caught, so many I've sharpened my fillet knife a million times. I've got a few, very few channel cat, I hate cleaning them so that’s ok with me.

Bag of fish

Channel Cat

Cooler full of fish

Muscatine Bridge

Been fishing in several lakes, and on the Mississippi river. Had some hot spots, and then they go cold. But I've been taking quite a few fish; I have about 15-20 pounds of frozen fillets in my freezer. The wife is going to make poor man lobster, and fry up the rest with the pan fish. Should be a good time, a few beers, fried fish, and maybe family and friends . . . whenever we get around to having it.

Big Fish

Sink full of fish



Cleaning fish

Also done some hunting, thanks to year round pest/rodent/varmint hunting to protect your fields and crops. I've been protecting fields. I've took four rabbits this year on three ten minute trips.

Dead Bunny

Another dead rabbit

Dead wabbit

First of all if you’re going to tell me I can't eat rabbit this time of year your wrong. I've heard you can't eat them in the summer they have worms, I've heard you can't eat them in the winter they have worms. So evidently you just can't eat rabbit. I've always eaten them year round. If you cook them properly they are fine, and tasty.

Dead Rabbits

Skinning a rabbit

Besides know what else has worms year round? Pork.

South they take them in the spring and summer and won't take them in the winter, head north and it's vice a versa. I've eaten them both times and never once have gotten sick. But I carefully clean and the wife carefully cooks them.

Dead rabbit

That being said, my wife makes a mean rabbit salad. I'm looking forward to it again. The trick is to clean them well, soak in salt water for a day, freeze them, then thaw and cook to at least 180 degrees internally. That kills anything.
I almost have enough fur to make me a set of rabbit mittens. The good kind with fur inside and out. Well maybe, unless my determined dogs ever get the furs first.

So other than that, we've been cleaning our house and yard. Mower is giving me fits, may tear it down and get some pictures. Been lacking on taking pictures lately, just doing the work and then when I want to blog I wish I had pictures. Oh well I can't be perfect all the time.

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