Monday, April 6, 2009

Prime of Life.

So here I am, getting ready to do homework. Great time to blog. Could it be that I am in college, yet still some how I am reaching the prime of life? Maybe. They say the prime of life is when you have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

That's me, a lot to do, vehicles to fix, a house to clean, a yard to landscape, dogs to feed, three fish tanks, one with turtles, an attic that needs redone, a bronco that is waiting for me to fix, homework, and lots of driving.

But I don't think that is what the prime of life is really about. I think it is about motivation. If I was really motivated I think I could accomplish almost everything, clean the yard, house, tanks, fix all the cars, do all the homework, and take a big 80% chunk of what needed done.

But it just keeps coming back. You finish one thing and four other things appear. You change the car's oil, and one thing down, but now you have dishes, laundry, trash, and dogs that need walked. You walk the dogs, now they are sick and have a cough, they need special food and antibiotics added to them, you give them a treat and have to watch them because they like to fight over bones and toys.

Once you do something, something else appears, always a hundred thousand things going on. That kills my motivation. If I could take one day, one single day, and just attack all that needed to be done, and have a easy week I would.

I guess I do that on homework. I like to get a bunch of projects Thursday that are due Tuesday and wait until Monday to start them. A little pressure is a good motivator.

But today on my way home the car died, had to floor it to keep it running. Got home about 3:00 have until 8:30 to do homework, eat, and here it is 5, only 3 and 1/2 hours left to accomplish six hours of homework, and fix the car. It was a primary fuel injector vacuum line, split and sucked itself inside, which will be fun to fix. That pressure is a motivator.

Prime of life? Maybe it is too much to do, or maybe it is that we grow older and less active? Either way I am not sure I am ready for the prime of life.

By the way speaking of my dogs:

Here are our dogs chewing on beef knuckles, it's not blood on her head, it's grease, she fights the grill for it.

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