Saturday, January 24, 2009

It has been a while.

Been busy, working on my book, and living life. I do have other blogs I'm importing, and a couple I am working on, but so many things to do, so many. College is back up and running, which is a nightmare at times. So I decided to take five minutes and write and ill constructed blog.

I hear about Obama, Obama, Obama all the time at college. I've even heard on lady so happy, she thinks she isn't going to have to pay for her house, car, or gas anymore. I wonder who she thinks is going to pay for it? Obama?

But so far two things have pissed me off about the Obama presidency, I think one of these is going to bite him in the ass hard.

Gitmo is closing, cia prisons world wide are closing, and we can't "torture" prisoners.

Well well well, one at a time. So what is happening to all these prisoners if the prison is closing?
Suddenly non US citizens, are getting the same rights as US citizens. Thats right these people who are not US citizens are going to get ran through our court system.

Great. That won't waste time and resources . . . and money. So if they are not convicted and found innocent, lots of technicalities await, what happens? Well they are free.

But wait, many other thier countries have already stated they will not take them back. We will have to find a third country willing to take a suspected terrorist, wasting more time and money. Whos money? Yout tax money. And if no country will take them, I guess they stay here. Good possibility, Ayers couldn't get into Canada.

So if you support closing gitmo, please, oh please volunteer you home to a terrorist in need.

Secondly, so they are innocent now, but they had rights in the US courts, does that mean they can sue us for wrong ful imprisonment? Maybe. How'd you like to pay Akmir Da Abar Alahim two million of our tax dollars because the court couldn't convict because his name was spelled wrong?

Again, if you support this please, oh please volunteer your home and money.

Finally on torture. We can't dip men's heads into water to get information that could save a real US citizens life. But our enemy will torture our men. Drill holes through knee caps, cut off limbs, hands, and even heads of slive victims. That seems reasonable. Lets trade starving, beating, humilating, and mutilating our men, for giving a clean room, water, three square meals, and legal aid to thier men. Yup that sounds perfectly fair.

Guess what Obama? Life isnt' fair, all the people, US citizens who died by burning alive, by being crushed under concrete, hit by shrapnel, choked by smoke, falling to thier death, all those who died in fear, while being tortured, be-headed, and mocked by terrorist hands didn't die fair.

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